At ElectroTrek, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to advance sustainable solutions across various sectors.

Specialising in electric vehicle and energy applications, our team provides strategic consulting, detailed feasibility studies, and expert project management. Our core expertise centres on vehicle conversions, transforming traditional fuel vehicles into state-of-the-art electric vehicles.

ElectroTrek is committed to delivering end-to-end services that guide businesses through the complexities of sustainability adaptation. Our tailored approach guarantees the seamless integration of innovative, electric-powered solutions, transforming traditional fuel-based vehicles into efficient and safe EVs.

Our business operations are strategically aligned with corporate sustainability, adhering to both national and international best practices, ensuring a responsible and globally compliant approach.

We are committed to providing real and effective solutions, addressing the core challenges and delivering tangible results that make a meaningful impact.

Our Approach

Market Analysis and Feasibilty Studies

We conduct rigorous Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies to ensure strategic precision in project planning and execution.

Electric Vehicle Conversions for Commercial Applications

Optimise your commercial fleet with our efficient Electric Vehicle Conversions for enhanced sustainability and operational excellence.

Onsite Charging Solutions

Charge your electric fleet with our modular onsite charging solutions, ensuring convenient and efficient access to sustainable power at your location.

Mobility Fleet Solutions

Revitalise your fleet by embracing electrification, transforming vehicles into efficient, low maintenance and eco-friendly assets for a sustainable and forward-thinking operation.

HV Battery Applications

Update OEM products with our expertise in re-design, seamlessly incorporating high-voltage battery solutions for enhanced performance and sustainable energy efficiency.

Project Management

Project Management solutions, ensuring efficient coordination and successful execution throughout all project phases.

Sustainability Reporting and Compliance

Delivering Sustainability Reporting and Compliance services, adhering to rigorous standards to ensure businesses align with environmental responsibility and regulatory requirements.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Electrotrek provide comprehensive renewable energy applications tailored to your needs, incorporating both on-grid and off-grid solutions.

Vehicle to Grid

Our focus on versatility and sustainability is underscored by our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies, including Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) solutions, to further enhance the efficiency and environmental impact of your energy portfolio.